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DEVOTIONAL SUBJECT:  Virgen de Guadalupe
ORIGIN:  Mexico
MATERIAL: Oil on tin.
APPROXIMATE SIZE:  10.75 inches by 9.25 inches
AGE:   Dated 1982
ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: In March 1982, it happened to Senor Jose Quintero that his mother, Bartola Quintero was very sick from a bad pain in one of her legs, and not finding any means to save/help her, he asked the Virgin of Guadalupe from his heart for relief and in exchange he would dedicate this retablo to her.  The Most Holy Virgin interceded and within the next few days she began healing.  Later on when feeling well she thanks God and the Virgin for this miracle and that is why they give infinite thanks.  May God bless you also.  And her daughter Maria Mercedes Quintero.  Quelital, county of Guadalcazar, S.L.P   September 4, 1982.
E633        $225